verb. Receive (something, especially something beneficial) as a consequence of one's own or another's actions.


Let’s make no bones about it, you expect high standards and results when you pay someone to do a job for you. So why work with me? 


​Aside from having the skills and experience, I’ve the right attitude to make a positive impact. I’m practical, not precious, with a can-do approach.


​I'm focused on clients getting results and real value from working together. I've the gumption to go the extra mile as I love helping a business to push forwards and enjoy success.

As most of my career has been sales for independents with a small team, this approach has come in handy for both employers and me!​


We all know how frustrating it is to see a good thing go to waste. I set-up Reap having seen many small business owners set aside cracking ideas and lucrative opportunities because they simply don’t have enough time or lack of resource holds them back.

That said, I realise that it's far easier said than done for people. My intention is therefore to give you the support and time needed to stop your business ambitions getting shelved – let’s get them underway to see them succeed as you know they can given the chance. 

Creative, commercially savvy & dependable


Coming from a sales background sees that this area is my specialismI racked-up the miles and years in business development roles. I was responsible for generating my own leads and developing new markets, which is why I still love creating sales opportunities for clients. When you've a great product or service there's no need to be coy! But if sales isn’t your passion or forte, then let me help you find new business.

Growing sales also required developing great customer service and delivering strong marketing campaigns, while keeping things running smoothly admin-wise in the background. It's this mix of experience that sees I offer flexible and practical support to small business owners.

I thrive on the chance to pour a lot of energy into my work, so I’ll bring fresh ideas and suggestions to benefit your wider business goals. As I've got a 'sales and marketing head on' when I spot an opportunity to gain new business I'll let you know. Plus, in those ‘urrgh’ moments, I'm someone dependable who can get you out of scrapes when things go awry. 

I'm proud to be known as someone who is professional and committed. There's always more to learn so I keep developing my skills and knowledge to continuously improve the service I can offer clients.


This all sounds very earnest, so I’d like to add that I take work, but not myself, seriously. I’m down-to-earth, friendly and warm. 


The right people help you to thrive


Running a business takes guts and determination. There are many things that are easier in life, but few that are as rewarding and satisfying. I’m passionate about working with small business owners determined to keep growing. They know that their continuing success ultimately depends on bringing in others to help. If you’re keen to explore what opportunities working together offers, get in touch and discover how we can make this a fruitful collaboration!

All my best,