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Regain valuable time

Admin - this time-consuming beast is essential for the smooth running of your business. It makes-up a large chunk of hours you spend in your business that clients don’t directly pay you for. It therefore makes financial sense to keep this time to a minimum.


Delegate the admin to me to free yourself up to work on where you add the most value. I’ll help keep things running smoothly behind the scenes, leaving you with more time for taking care of customers and to focus on the priorities.

Business administration services:

  • Email & diary management 

  • Meeting coordination

  • Call handling & scheduling appointment 

  • Raising quotes, invoices & chasing late payments

  • Data entry & database management

  • Creating & formatting documents

  • Producing templates & presentations

  • Minute taking & creating agendas

  • Archiving & setting-up filing systems (electronic & office-based)

  • Client onboarding tasks

  • Personal needs: processing expenses, ordering gifts etc. ​