Business Development

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Onwards & Upwards


In an ideal world, you come up with a genius new idea and then immediately find the chance to execute it. But if you are trying to do everything yourself, you know the reality – barriers crop up. Every distraction and interruption however minor, hack away at your productivity and schedule. With your attention disrupted and time depleted, plans get shelved and frustratingly you stay stuck.


So get out the rut. Let me help get your business development underway to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. 

Push On

Without enough business development going on you’ll find yourself struggling to grow your company and increase profits. If you feel like you’ve hit a sales slump, use my time, skills and experience to overcome the inertia and produce sales results that you couldn’t by yourself.


I can hit the ground running to practical sales support from getting on the phone to book you in meetings, to converting queries into appointments and sales.


​Or, if you are stumped for ideas and after new ways to drum-up additional business, I can devise a strategy for developing new revenue streams. There’s relevant opportunities everywhere if you know where to look, and I will help you to maximise sales for your products and services.

Use What You've Got


Take the guesswork out of how to keep moving your business on. Let me deduce where growth lies from analysing your sales and marketing data. It provides actionable insights you can take full advantage of.

Get Up to Speed


When was the last time you undertook market research to spot gaps for your product or service? Or looked to discover if there's a reason why your sales have slumped?


​I can help you get to grips with where your sector and competitors are at. Then let's develop solutions to anticipate customers' needs so you can be one step ahead.

Business development support:

  • Lead generation & prospecting

  • Development of new markets

  • Follow-up on enquiries 

  • Scheduling meetings & demonstrations

  • Client acquisition & retention activity

  • Research: potential clients, competitors etc.

  • Business performance reviews

  • Strategy planning

  • CRM set-up & management