Customer Services


Keep the Customer Satisfied

When you do a brilliant job, happy customers are the best marketers of your product or service but prepare to experience the flipside if you fail to deliver on consumer expectations. 


Nail your customer service to help your business grow. ​Be it sharing winning advice or a quick fix of problems, great service will always benefit both your customers and brand reputation. Friendly and reliable builds trust and customer loyalty, while mediocre or non-existent will do little for you. 


Let me help you fine tune your customer service, so people feel assisted and listened to – and not just when things go wrong. 


Ignorance is Not Bliss

Good or bad, customer feedback is invaluable to your business strategy. If your product or service is misaligned to what customers want, then it won’t hit the mark. Or maybe customers rave about your business, but you struggle to gain reviews that can help build your reputation online.


So let's leverage customer feedback to drive improvements and generate sales.

Customer Support services:

  • Handling customer and wholesale enquiries 

  • Creating loyalty programmes and promotions

  • Activity to generate reviews & ratings

  • Gathering case studies and testimonials 

  • Processing orders, returns, refunds and exchanges

  • Resolving complaints and order issues 

  • Producing user guides and tutorials 

  • GDPR-compliance tasks to ensure consumer data protection.