The Shifting Retail Landscape


Online shopping is nothing new. What is different is that Covid struck and as a result of the ensuing lockdowns, e-commerce has surged. 

One of the swiftest responses to Coronavirus was seen in those companies who quickly directed customers to a strong e-commerce platform. Other businesses have delayed going digital, but consumers certainly haven’t so don't get left behind. 

​You don't have to be Walmart using TikTok influencers to offer a high-quality online retail experience. Shopping cart platforms like Shopify have eliminated many barriers of entry for small businesses.


Social media platforms are well on their way to becoming established channels for e-commerce. With increasingly features enabling people to shop straight from in-app, consumers can easily browse and purchase this way.


​​Throw in live-streaming offering the means to create your brand a home shopping channel courtesy of Facebook Live and IGTV, and there is so much opportunity for you to notch up sales online.


​​I can help you ensure a seamless and engaging e-commerce experience for consumers.​

​​​eCommerce support:​​

  • Generating website traffic 

  • Updating product / service listings

  • Creating loyalty and referral programmes

  • Setting up and maintaining online stores (e.g. Facebook Shops, Etsy, Pinterest)

  • Integrating e-commerce plugins (e.g. Shop Pay on Instagram)

  • Digital ad campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram ads, Promoted Pins)

  • List building and newsletter creation

  • Marketing to support sales campaigns

  • Managing customer service.