• Rachael Armstrong

Sole Traders’ Little Helper: How a Virtual Assistant Makes for a Happier Business Christmas

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

‘Tis the season to be jolly and I am indeed getting into festive swing working with clients in the run-up to Christmas.

For the last seven months, I have been involved in a Covid-testing project. While I’m always grateful for a sizeable chunk of work, the words ‘merry and bright’, aren’t adjectives to describe anything Coronavirus-related. With that now wrapped-up, it is lovely to be on jobs involving a bit of Christmas cheer.

So, I am back working with small business owners helping them to sleigh the festive season. In a shorter business month with more sales opportunities to go at, for clients having a virtual assistant (VA) can be particularly handy this time of year. Hiring a VA can ease the pressure by taking on the extra tasks that Christmas sales and promotions require.

You can handover the little jobs that if forgotten can cause mass panic (sorting company Christmas cards), or a VA can add a little more consideration into the season’s customer service mix. They can ensure your best customers get the exclusive offers they deserve for their loyalty over the last year (creating Christmas promo codes, vouchers, deals for your top 10 clients etc).

Marketing can be time-consuming and challenging at the best of time. With Christmas campaigns in full swing, a VA can create you great content to see you through the festivities. Rather than you using something generic to ‘just get something out there’, a VA can create you something relevant to your customers and aligned to your brand instead of getting lost in the overall festive noise.

Christmas is a time when personal and professional priorities can conflict with one another. Ensuring that you finish off everything that must be done before closing for the break will see you can switch off properly. Pass over anything pressing to a VA so you can relax and keep yourself off the naughty list by making all your family commitments without having to drop them to squeeze in outstanding work.

A common theme among business owners' December’s To-Do lists, is help with 2022 preparations so you can be ready to have your best year yet. I am currently on with getting things lined-up for new clients’ product or course launches in January. Again, knowing that everything is good to go will allow you to step back over the break feeling confident things are sorted and not to pick-up post-Christmas.

Here are examples of Christmas tasks I have tackled for clients:

  • Producing festive adverts (online & print)

  • Creating Christmas videos and social media posts

  • Making Christmas vouchers, gift certificates and menus

  • Updating websites and online listings with seasonal events and specials

  • Market research on what competitors are doing for Christmas promotions

  • Writing a company’s annual newsletter

  • Coordinating creation of new brochures (inc. gathering testimonials, pics etc)

  • Scheduling social media posts for over Christmas and the New Year

  • Pestering an MD to sort a Christmas present for his wife

As a small business owner hiring a VA is a useful gift to yourself. So to prepare for Christmas 2022 go on, treat your ‘elf…I just couldn’t resist…

As we bid farewell to 2021, I wish you a very merry Christmas and New Year.


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