• Rachael Armstrong

Start As You Mean to Go On: How a Virtual Assistant Can Bring 2022 Sales Success

If you’re anything like most business owners, you will be wanting to make 2022 your best year yet.

But if you want to see your sales fly, can you do that alone? Stop and think about 2021- did you accomplish what you wanted? Or were there business development plans that went untouched? Did sales stagnate? Maybe you let marketing slide and now things have stalled.

Don’t let this happen again in 2022. Do something about it. Let this be the year you start working with a virtual assistant to get things done and get it out there. Take positive action to keep the sales flowing and see your business thrive.

To run a business successfully, you don’t just have to have ideas about how to get sales. You’ve got to turn them into effective deliverable strategies and take consistent action. By partnering with a virtual assistant (VA), they can bring the extra capacity to roll this out for you.

VAs offer a reliable, cost-effective business development option for small business owners. I get hired because of my passion for sales - clients handover tasks such as lead generation, planning targeted campaigns, prospecting, handling enquiries, and importantly customer relationship management. Plus, creating the marketing content to support sales and increase engagement.

Aside from being on the end of a phone or email, a VA can represent your company in person. Face-to-face networking is just as significant in small businesses as social media. If you struggle to make events, then a VA can attend to represent your brand, spread word of what you do and make contacts. For example, one client has asked me to join them at a trade show. You need the right person for the job, but you can soon suss that if you trust someone to be the public face of your business.

While business owners need to stay on top of developments in their sector, there are only so many hours in the day. I therefore undertake the research and reading for clients. For some, I subscribe to industry publications which I use to find news relevant to their business, source opportunities and keep them updated on competitors’ movements. It’s all about finding emerging markets and identifying larger trends they apply to their own business.

Business owners sometimes find it uncomfortable to ask customers directly for feedback, so get a VA to gather the intel. I will ask for reviews, listen to what people are looking for or struggling to source. If people mention similar things, this can hit on a product or service to give a whole new revenue stream to help your business grow.

These are just a few ways a VA can be a lever for growth this coming year. Choose a VA who is a good fit for your business and they will create opportunities. Ultimately, if a VA brings you results and you get on well, you both want to keep working together. VAs know this and so are motivated to play their part in the success of business owners they click with.

The right VA will become an invaluable part of your sales team so you can look back on 2022 with plenty to be proud of.

If you want to discuss your business goals for 2022, get in touch for a no-obligation chat and let’s see how I can help you.

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