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What Can A Virtual Assistant Help With?

Updated: Jan 31

What can a Virtual Assistant help with? It is a fair enough question as many people have never heard of, let alone used, a Virtual Assistant (VA).

The standard response is “a VA can help with your To Do list”. Yes, they certainly can but as jobs on those lists can vary widely, I thought the simplest way to explain how a VA can help small business owners is to share some of the tasks I have tackled of late.

I have undertaken the following mix bag:

  • PA and admin support

  • Market research

  • Sales prospecting and cold calling

  • Drafting sales letters

  • Gathering reviews and case studies

  • Creating sales and marketing strategies

  • Writing blogs and press releases

  • Securing coverage (online and radio interviews)

  • Producing website content…and creating a new website!

  • Setting-up and updating YouTube channels

  • Creating and optimising Google My Business listings

  • Adding / improving existing online listings

  • Reinstating a suspended Google My Business listing

  • Obtaining quotes from suppliers

  • Review and update existing Terms and Conditions and warranty policies

  • Competitor analysis

  • Logo & flyer creation: sourcing a designer, coordinating with printers etc.

  • Sorting an email Inbox (we both felt the instant relief 😂)

  • Setting-up email folders

  • Creating email templates and signatures

  • Setting-up project software

  • Finding articles to share on LinkedIn

  • Producing risk assessments

  • Creating online training materials.

  • Research for a patent application.

As you can see, it is a variety of tasks I assist with – this is the nature of a small business! You need flexible help and someone happy to crack on with the mix of jobs needed to keep things running smoothly and moreover your business growing.

You may spot a lean towards sales and marketing tasks above. As both my passion and strength lie within business development, this is an area I especially love to assist clients with. I'm one for coming up with ideas on how to spread the word to get people using a product or service.

Hiring a virtual assistant is a smart move for small business owners. A VA will help your business to grow while making the best use of your time and budget.

It's my job to help you to succeed. To find out how I can help you, get in touch.

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