• Rachael Armstrong

Why small business owners and virtual assistants make a perfect match

Ant and Dec. Lennon and McCartney. Ben & Jerry’s. Success is often achieved in the right coupling between those with complementary skills. They joined forces to accomplish great things. But would it have fared the same if they had gone it alone?

Small business owners are especially susceptible to trying to do everything themselves. Yet constant multi-tasking can restrict what you achieve – it dilutes efficiency and creates bottlenecks in output. Going solo will impede your progress. You hit capacity. Collaboration is key to long-term success.

The solution - team up with a virtual assistant (VA) to keep productivity flowing so you can forge ahead. VAs provide freelance remote business support. It is a flexible, cost-effective way for small businesses to scale up. You only pay for the work a VA does, and you can work together on a regular or ad hoc basis. It’s a win-win option – you get jobs done while regaining the chance to return your attention to areas of your business that really need it.

While you maybe can’t pick your perfect partner, you can choose your ideal VA. It is easy to hire a VA with the relevant skills you require. Find one who loves the jobs you hate! A good place to start working together is by handing over tasks you have zero inclination for/actively avoid. I chuckle with clients when they say, “you actually like doing X?” It takes all sorts folks. I love anything sales-related so if the thought of prospecting makes you uncomfortable then I am the woman for you!

Having a sounding board is healthy in life and business. A VA can give emotional and professional support you may need along the way. You can offload when you feel stressed because they get what running and growing a business is like. If you need someone to brainstorm with, bounce ideas off use your VA. They can be the remote backslap/cheerleader/fresh eyes and ears you need.

Partnering with a VA can let you move forward on plans and projects you have waiting to see daylight. It puts you in a stronger position to seize the opportunities to be had. Plus, the extra resource teamed with your collective skills and expertise allows you to provide the best possible service to customers.

“Do it all, stay small”. Delegation is essential to business growth. While business owners who run the whole show are understandably proud of it, effective delegation will give you true control of your business. Handing over work to the appropriate people is a good habit to get into. I think best put by Harry S Truman:

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”

Like any relationship, communication is key. Be clear on your expectations, how you like to work and what is needed. The VA should do likewise so you both know where you stand. When working closely with another person, it also needs to feel right. Like myself, most VAs offer a no-obligation free initial consultation so you can both get a sense of if you are a good fit. Ultimately, if a VA can’t assist, then they can suggest another who could.

Finally, I think it is worth remembering that most VAs are freelance – choosing self-employment is not the easiest path. They are business owners too with an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong work ethic. Let them bring passion to your passion.

Thriving businesses will credit their success comes from years of hard work and perseverance, but they will not ignore it is also down to the right mix of personalities and skills. And the right virtual assistant could be the winning combination for you.

There is no such thing as a self-made man. You will reach your goals only with the help of others. ― George Shinn

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