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To work together in a way that best suits your needs and budget, you have a choice of three options:



I charge £30/ hr tracking my time, rounding up/down to the nearest 15 minutes.


You receive a time report with your invoice so you can see a full breakdown. I’m quick so I can get plenty done in an hour!

This suits ad hoc tasks, is ideal if your needs fluctuate, or you are unsure how much time you need.

(NB: min. charge is 1 hr/wk.)



We agree to set a fixed price for a particular project or task.

This gives you peace of mind on budgeting into your cash flow. 

After discussing the brief together, we decide whether to go with an hourly rate or a set price.




Dependent upon your need, it can often be simpler to agree to pay for a set amount of hours a month.


You've no need to worry about spiralling costs as you already know how much will be invoiced.


It offers security as you're guaranteed that I retain this time for you each month.  

As I track my time spent everything is transparent so can be adjusted accordingly if needed.